Do you deliver using a crane offload?

Our standard deliveries are done with a tail lift vehicle and the pallets are maneuvered using a manual pump truck. For large orders we can arrange for deliveries to be made using a crane or hi-ab vehicle, this must be organised prior to orders being placed by telephone, speak to the team for more information.

Are the sandbags recyclable?

All of our Polypropylene bags are fully recyclable but the must be emptied first. The hessian sand bags can just be left on a compost heap as they will just rot down in time.

What should I do with my sandbags after a flood?

The bags will not be collected by local authorities after flooding so again the best way is to do it yourself. If there are any bags that haven’t come into contact with the flood water then keep them stored away, you never know if you’ll need them again. If storage isn’t an option then empty the bags into your garden or some spare land and keep the bags as they can be filled up if they are needed. Wet sand bags are really heavy so you may need assistance or if you are someone who is unable to lift them then ask a neighbour or a family member to give you a hand. Sand bags that have been in contact with flood water will be contaminated so make sure you are wearing gloves when handling them and that you thoroughly wash your hands after. The bags can again be emptied and dug into the garden and the bags can be placed in the wheelie bin. The sand is contaminated so children must not play with it as it may harm them.

How long does delivery take after ordering?

We have different delivery options available for example next day delivery if ordered before 12 noon but the standard delivery can be there in just 2 working days if ordered before 12noon otherwise it would be 3 working days. If this isn’t suitable for you, you can request any other day after that and we will delay the order and get it sent for that day.

What weight is in your Pre-Filled bags?

Our bags are filled to approx 15kg however we can fill to different weight if required.

How long will a polypropylene sandbag last?

With the Polypropylene Bags being UV Protected it is hard to put a life expectancy on them as it will depends on the weather as it is the sun that wears down the bags so in the summer the life of the bags will be short than the winter.

What’s the best way to prepare for a flood?

The main thing is speed get the defense system in as fast as possible and do not wait until it actually happens as it can be too late. It may seem like your paying for something you do not need but it will be cheaper than replacing all the items in the house as well as repairing the house.

Can I still receive my delivery if I am already flooded or my area is flooded?

Yes you may be able to still receive your delivery, but this is dependent on the local road conditions and the available access to your property at the time of delivery. As the customer it is your responsibility to ensure access is suitable for vehicles to deliver.

Will my local council supply me with Sand Bags?

Local authorities don’t have a mandatory duty to provide local residents with sand bags but that doesn’t mean that they will not some may and some may not so it would always be advised to sort it yourself.